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Incrediseal Tapes

Quality Control

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality products and standards in the industry.  Having invested in a high end force gauge allows us to do in-house 90 degree, 180 degree peel tests to any substrate in addition to loop tack, tensile and elongation.  These tests are helpful in not only assuring that our product meets our standards before shipping to the customer, but also allows us to evaluate the competition. If you have a tape you're currently having issues with, or would like us to compare your tape to ours, feel free to send it in and we will conduct impatial tests at no charge.


Of course having high end equipment for testing is good, but you have to know how to use it!  Below are some of our certifications and information about our testing conditions.  All equipment has been calibrated to meet the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) No. 822/257982 or MIL STD 45662A.  All stainless steel plates meet ASTM A666 to confirm to Type 302 or 304 with surface roughness of 50 +/- 25nm. All tapes were tested in conditions where the temperature is 70 degrees +/- 1°C and 50 +/- 5 % RH.

About Incrediseal

The IncrediSeal™ brand of pressure sensitive tapes was established to solve packaging issues for the end user. Years of research and development have been dedicated to creating the best possible products for some of the most difficult applications and environments. We service the entire United States with distribution across the nation.

High Quality

IncrediSeal™ tape is manufactured to the highest quality standards available. We utilize the latest technology for in-house ASTM testing and routinely perform D-3330 (Pull from 90 degrees), D-3759 (Tensile & Elongation) and D-3654 (Shear) tests. We have recently added the ability to Shear test in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. This latest addition allows IncrediSeal™ to speed up the process of harsh non-temperature-controlled warehouse environments. Upon request we will test our tapes against yours in this environment using test panels cut from your corrugate samples. This testing gives us an overwhelming advantage when understanding which tapes will perform best for our customers.

If you are experiencing issues with your tape or would like to compare it to ours send it to us. We’ll do impartial testing, at no charge, and send you the results

Stock Tape

Our premium pressure sensitive tapes feature a proprietary adhesive blend with up to 30% more adhesive than our competitors. We offer stock Acrylic tapes from 1.77 mil up to 2.30 mil and Hot Melt tapes from 1.60 mil to 1.90 mil. Our machine length rolls are 2.10 mil.

We stock high and low tack masking, duct, filament, and water activated tapes. Our line of packaging tapes includes freezer grade and high temperature resistant options. All our tapes will seal 100% recycled cardboard boxes and can be used to securely reseal previously taped cartons.

Custom Slitting

IncrediSeal™ tapes are available in custom slit widths upon request. Our minimum slit width is 1/8” or 3 mm wide on rolls that are 6.5” (165 mm in diameter). Custom slit tape ships within 24 hours of when the order is received.

Custom Printed Tape

We use the rotogravure process to print our polypropylene tapes giving them the crispest image in the industry. The image is permanent and can’t rub off because it is printed before the adhesive is applied.

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

We beat any competitor’s advertised price. Get premium packaging tapes with unmatched quality and service. Our tape specialists are ready to help you today at 888-496-2747 or